Altdorf – Kind-of sieged?

April 17, 2009 at 12:43 pm 2 comments

Last night was… interesting.

Things started off normally enough. I was playing my latest alt, Eszti the Knight of the Blazing Sun on Phoenix Throne, and my partner in WAR crime Ardua was trying out an Ironbreaker (chopping off knees and then kicking them in the head!). While we were bouncing around T1, we were seeing periodic zone announcements from T4, mainly concerned with the Elf lands falling to Destruction, although at least some of that seemed to have to do with the servers hiccupping and crashing people out. When the final T4 Elf zone fell, there was some anticipation that this would mean a city siege.

…and then my internet died. It does this sometimes, but only when it would otherwise be needed to be working.

When I get back online, I get an e-mail from Ardua which essentially says, “OMG ALTDORF SIEGE!!1!” So it was time to get Kaeleni out and see what I could do to aid the cause of Order defending the capital city and the king.

Sadly, it turned out that the answer would be, “Not a whole lot.” I’ve never participated in a city siege before, and after last night I sadly have to say that I still haven’t. Because hardly anyone seemed to be able to get in. Order massed around the door to Altdorf from Reikwald, trying to go through and being put into queues for instances. Mine was numbered 214. People were crashing and then finding themselves unable to get back in. If people were getting into their city siege instances, they weren’t going in with the rest of their warbands, and in the end it seemed that people were getting in quicker if they weren’t in a warband at all (Ardy, being a lucky Dwarf, actually got into his instance so he can actually tell you what it looks li if he decides to blog about it). And this was on the Order side. Gods only know what Destruction was going through.

And then, just to make things better, a little popup came up informing us all that the server would be coming down for “Emergency maintenance” in 10 minutes.

And then my internet died again.

So there you have it. From what I’ve read this morning about last night’s events, this was pretty much the typical story for what happened last night on Phoenix Throne (minus the crappy internet). Also, from the looks of things. the server issues continued even after the emergency maintenance, and so Altdorf’s siege didn’t go too well for either side. All in all, not a particularly stellar experience of city sieging.

Hopefully the next one will go better.


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  • 1. Bregel  |  April 19, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    What level KotBS/IB?

    • 2. lacunadiscordia  |  April 20, 2009 at 1:52 pm

      Right now, we’re both around 9, although Ardy’s probably jumped ahead since he was playing more WAR this weekend than me.


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